Based on the latest advanced HTML technology this responsive web hosting theme is perfectly optimized for an impressive visual effect and great user experience. This web hosting template can load at identical fast speed across various devices and browsers widening the reach and offering uniform experience. Latest CSS3 features give this theme an edge over the other while 30 unique HTML pages give an increased space for content.

Other features include: Free hosting icons, attractive hover effects, elegant menus, contact forms and custom tabs for product pages. This elegant theme is available in 10 different colors and has extended documentation for maximum support.

Features at a Glance:
•    Elegant menus
•    Content rich pages
•    Extended Documentation
•    Free hosting icons
•    Bootstrap 3.2
•    Cross-browser compatibility
Canonical Host is the latest addition to our vast array of HTML hosting themes. This SEO optimized hosting theme comes with loads of features. This responsive theme is specifically developed by product development experts for a greater impact with professional look.

This web hosting template comes with easy navigation features and can be loaded in blink of an eye using the latest technology. Of Course, there are many other features including but not limited to: latest CSS, multi-color options, easily customizable options, modern design with appealing detail and well-designed HTML pages. The theme comes with a home page slider for further enabling touch screen users.

Features at a Glance
• Advanced CSS
• Multi-Color options
• Easily customizable options
• Modern design
• Appealing detail
• 28+ HTML pages
Generally it is difficult to find the web hosting theme that meets all the requirements. Some have great visuals but lack functionality features and while others might be great designs with good functionality but puts the visitor off by their long-winding navigation structure. But this is the one theme that is astonishingly "Complete". It has great visuals, advanced functional features, an easy navigation structure and is equipped with multi-adaptable infrastructure that helps it to break the barriers to reach the extreme ends. Talking of its great visuals, the theme offers eye-inviting color scheme appropriately using colors with certain calming effect in a retina-friendly resolution.

The html template intelligently prevents itself from getting loud by alternately using different color shades. Proper use of graphics visually communicates with eyes while attractive icons are beautifully studded in key places to invite the visitors' attention. Hover effects further highlight the most important portions and can be used to manipulate the visitor's decision. Most of the important menus are placed on the exact eye level: top right of the template; a very strategic position. For first time visitors who might have escaped some important links or menus in the upper folds, the theme also offers the same menus at the end. This responsive theme complies with the latest SEO recommendations for web designing details and thus can play part in making you a favorite with the leading search engines. For the people with immediate needs, the theme also offers call-to-action purchase button at the top.

Quick Features Overview
•    SEO Optimized
•    Home page slider
•    Rich Content
•    iconic Fonts
•    Mega Menu
•    W3C Validated
•    Cross Browser Compatibility
•    Available in 6 Colors

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This SEO optimized html template for web hosting providers with eye soothing color combination offers a unique smooth experience to the eyes. Its USP is its infrastructural ability to elegantly represent your company and services. It easily accommodates the vast details of your company: plans, prices, packages, offers and enables you to showcase the same in most attractive visual manner: hover effects, appropriate background colors and well-structured layout guiding the eyes. Based on the advanced CSS, this HTML5 theme can justifiably be included in the list of some of the most impressive hosting templates of the year 2015.

This responsive html theme is equipped with mega menus that combine aesthetics with functionality. The touch enabled features make your website an ideal fit for touch screen users. The designing excellence of the theme extends further to 404 page and coming soon page that are attractively designed using the best design features. The theme also offers several content rich pages that add further value. Choose this theme if you want to leave a long lasting effect on your visitors. If brand identity is something you are looking for than look no further, Host Grid HTML theme is the wise choice. All these qualities make it an ideal web hosting template for HTML fans.

Quick Features Overview:
• Attractive 404 page
• Coming soon page with timer
• Powerful mega menu
• Attractive hover Effects and tooltips
• Home page slider
• W3C Validated
• SEO Optimized
• Available in 10 attractive colors

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This pixel-perfect HTML hosting template is loaded with attractive graphics, beautiful icons and an intelligent use of color scheme that effortlessly captivates the viewer's sight with a certain hypnotizing effect (pleasant one, Of Course!) This web hosting template for HTML supporters offers certain wide, uncongested visual environment that invites the eye to explore further while the strategically studded clickable icons prompt mouse actions. Furthermore, the infrastructure also allows you to showcase your team members with brief introduction along with a photo, a very important step towards cementing the clients' trust; featuring company's real employees with photos and introduction induces a certain familiar feeling in visitors' mind.

Another plus point of this exquisite template for hosting providers is its perfectly integrated domain search box at the very starting of the template that is of particular interest especially to the visitors who immediately wants to check the availability of domain name they want to purchase; a strategic step that subsequently takes to the final purchase.

•    Extended Documentation
•    BootStrap 3.2
•    Compatible with all devices
•    Custom tabs on products pages
•    Free hosting icons
•    Attractive Hover Effects
•    Google Web Fonts
•    Available in 12 Colors

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This theme unfailingly supports the 2 most important steps of online marketing: Search and Shop. Many of your online clients comprises of CEO's, top level management and on-the-go people who use mobile devices for internet. Responsive layout of the theme can certainly be of great help to them. The well-integrated domain search option in the first fold of this HTML hosting template instantly attracts the eye. You can further guide the online visitors by showing multiple teds just below the search box.

Multiple hosting packages with call-to-action buttons give you a perfect canvas to show the complete portfolio of your services and packages. There are well-sized, tastefully designed graphics to showcase the most sale-able features or distinguished services like 24/7 support or included apps. Strengthen the visitors' trust by appropriately using the client testimonial section. Attractive hover effects are sure to soothe the eyes and preventing the visitors from eye-fatigue. The menus are meaningfully categorized into domains, hosting and servers thus helping the visitors to swiftly navigate through relevant options. The template is focused on reaching and providing a uniform experience to a wide variety of users with its cross-browser, multi-device compatibility that means that whether your visitor uses mobile device or visits you using 14” monitor, your site will give the uniform visual experience. No more eye-squinting visuals or overlapping text, that's a real good news for mobile device users.

Quick Feature Overview:
• Free hosting icons
• Security payment mode icons
• 15 PSD's Well-organized
• Google web fonts
• Extended Documentation
• Social Icons
• Attractive Color Scheme

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This HTML5 hosting template with bullet speed loading, elegant design and attractive color scheme has a certain wide uncongested look that gives it a touch of class. The neat, clean code offers it an exquisite visual experience. Its whole graphic environment is meticulously designed with latest design concepts. Visual features of the theme strongly establish its cloud centric identity. The elegant menus don't fail to impress the visitors, either. They are well-populated with the relevant options that are of particular interest to potential clients of cloud services. So your potential clients can easily find the relevant information like plans, pricing, etc. Using the well-designed infrastructure, you can also add various individual characteristics of your organization that sets you apart from your competitors.
The infrastructure also allows you to perfectly showcase your topic-centered knowledge by offering various resources like whitepapers and blogs. Show the latest happenings in your industry by using features like timeline, news and awards, partners, etc. and people in a hurry can just fill the contact form to be contacted later. The intelligent use of color naturally enhances the appearance of most important portions that strategically affect the buyers' decision. Animation effects add a certain fun element to the whole scenario and are a welcome respite to the tired eyes. The use of social icons prompt social sharing and visiting your social accounts.

Quick Feature Overview:
•    Bootstrap 3.2
•    Home page slider
•    Social Icons
•    Animation effects
•    Attractive hover effects
•    Elegant menus
•    Unique, soothing color scheme

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